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    Favourite Rider: Van Homan
    Favourite Company: FBM
    Best Tricks: 360's, Manuals, Toothpicks
    Favourite Place To Ride: The Lane
    Favourite Rock Star: Ozzy
    Favourite Rap Artist: Ol' Dirty Bastard (OSIRUS)
    Favourite Playstation Game: Tony Hawk Pro Skater
    Age: 17
    ICQ #: 59565401
    Years Riding: 3
    Rides: S&M Dirtbike & Standard STA
    Likes To Ride: Dirt/Street
    Thanx Go Out 2: I'd like to thank all thoughs underground muthafuckas 4 keepin' it real, all of u niggaz & niggaettez, and lastly, all the pretty gurlz out there who like to ride!
    Words 2 Live By: Ride 4 ever and keep DESTROYing! Fire Beer Mayhem
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Barspin Feeble-Grind
Handrail Handrail #7
Feeble-grind at WOW Feeble-grind at WOW