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Glen Hoerdt
Last Updated: 09.25.2000
Huge Fakie
  • Born: 02.23.1984
  • Year Started Riding:
  • Rides: Gary Fisher 'Air Bob'
  • Favourite Rider: Ruben Alcantara & Van Homan
  • Favourite Company: Standard
  • Best Tricks: Barspins, 360's, One-Footed X-Up's, Suicide No-Handers, & Ice Picks
  • Likes To Ride: Dirt, Park & Street
  • Favourite Place To Ride: The Lane, Matt's house
  • Favourite Saying: "Chris, stop beating me up!"
    one-footed x-up
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Ex-tended X-up Ninja Style
Ice Picking a Garbage Can Sprocket Stalling a Garbage Can
Sprocket Stalling to Half-cab Out Sprocket Stalling to Half-cab Out
Icepick Down Rail Fakie Wallride
Feebling A Ledge with a Drop Smithing a Kinked Ledge
Sprocket Stalling Sprocket TStalling Rail
Icepicking a garbage can Smithing Ledge

No Footern at Stevensville Park X-Up at Stevensville Park