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Double Pegging Bagel Rail Double Pegging Rail at Shebang Skatepark Double Peg Stalling Ledge Quarter Pipe Fakie Wall Fakie Ice Picking Garbage Can Ice Picking 9-Stair Rail X-up Sprocket Grind at Shebang Skatepark One Footed X-up
IBMX Rider - Glen Hoerdt
  • Name: Glen Hoerdt
  • Nickname: KwHT
  • DOB: February 23, 1984
  • Hometown: St.Catharines, Ontario, Canada
  • Riding Since: 1998
  • Bike: Standard STA500
  • Bio: You know those types of riders that seem to learn tricks so easily and will try anything in front of them, pulling it first try. Well, that personality suits Glen perfectly. It doesn't matter what it is, Glen will try it. If he doesn't pull the trick smooth like butter, he'll get right back up and go at it again. He doesn't know any better, he only knows the best. While busting some of the craziest shit to ever go down in the Falls, he progresses the level of riding at a rapid pace, that it blows your mind that someone can do so much with so little difficulties. Glen attacks obstables with alot of speed and technicality, making it very impressive to watch. When his bike isn't broking, Glen can be found ripping the street of the falls or tearing through rythem at the trails!