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4130 chromoly
gusseted 1-1/8" head tube
1/4" thick drop outs w/ 14mm axle slots
brazed on cable guides
990 mounts
Wt. 7lbs
Choose Black, Blue, Red or Grey
 IBMX Rating:B

What is left of this sheered frame, is the remainings of a Volume Hellion. As you can see, frames do break. It is important that you purchase a frame that is reinforced enough to handle your weight. Unfortunely, the rider of this bike, Bike and Destroy Website owner, was well over the limit and destroyed it while doing a gap. This frame is still a nice bike to buy and usually won't crack like this, especially since some of the best riders in the world use it (ex. Volume Owner Brian Castillio). This frame is very similar to the S&M OS Dirtbike, but is much more reinforced with beefier gussets. Don't let those pictures change your mind because it is really an alright bike, that is really light for dirt and street!

Pictures Courtesy of Bike and Destroy

Review Done By Eric Johnson