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    Age: 17
    ICQ Name: Pip
    ICQ #: 51720394
    Years Riding: 4 but in Canada thats like 2
    Bike: '99 Standard muthafuckin'STA ... BABY!
    Sponsors: Standard Bykes

No-Footed Cancan at 519 Trails

Turndown at 519 Trails
    Fav. Tricks: Clicked Turndowns, Tables, Cancan Variations
    Fav. Bands: Primus, Fugazi, Rage Against the Machine, Tool, Red Hot Chili Peppers, pretty much anyone that doesn't piss me off.
What is your favourite type of riding?
I'm down with dirt, but I'm quite content with ramp riding in the winter.
How did u get hooked up with Standard Bykes?
Umm .... I called into ask for some buy it..and they asked my name...when I said Phill McFadden he said..were you in Chase Magazine...and I said yah..and he's like...wanna ride for I said hell yah...
Oh ya, you had an interview in the Canadian Mag, Chase, wuts that deal?
I got hooked up with Chase from a photographer in Aurora who does shit for them....and I have one 3 dirt jump comps....milton dirt...streetsville dirtcircut.
That's such a touching story, so what did Standard hook you up with?
Lots of promo stuff .... shirts ... stickers ... flyers for kids ... they sent me a invite to the Kong Of the Skate Park jam in Iowa ... and I'm waiting for Bars and a jersey!
Did Rick Moliterno (Standard Owner) hook you up with any type of frame deal?
They're hookin' me up with a trls 250 as soon as I send my ol' frame back!
What were your wishes or predictions when you started BMX?
When I started BMX I was hoping that I could actually stay with it and to pay back my parents for the money they lent me for my first bike.
Who do you look up too?
I look up to alot of people .... really ... any possitive influence ... guys like Taj and Joe ... and anybody who has helped me along the way!
Any locals that Destroy and need to get noticed?
So whats your status with the ladies?
My bike and I are chick magnets!

519 Zine
Interviewed Executed By Eric Johnson