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Kink parts are made in the USA.
  • wall thickness and pin almost twice the thickness of a normal chain
  • works with 1/8 freewheel and almost any sprocket
  • the last chain you will ever need to buy
Jay's Rating:A++++++
Damn, I don't even know where to start with this review, I bought this chain, because those ever so trusty KMC pieces of shit, kept breaking on me and I couldn't take it any more. So, I went out and bought the Kink Chain, after pounding the fuck out of this thing with a hammer and nail I finally got it to the right length, but my one problem was, I used the master link, not too smooth dumbass, so it later broke halfway through a session. I didn't want to deal with the hammer and pin idea again, so I emailed Kink to ask how to put this fucker on, and the advice ruled, get a cheap chain tool, break the prongs off, and put it on. I thought this was easy enough and purchased a cheap chain tool to break the prongs off, and start to work on it, bang, it breaks, shit, I go out and buy another one, and it breaks too, I figured this was a testamony of the Kinks strongness! I go over to my buddys and put it on, that was 3 months ago, and I have yet to see any wear in this chain, it doesn't even make too much noise, very good. The only other problem I can see with this product is if you don't have much clearance with the chainstays, it will rub!
Review Done By Jay via E-mail