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Kink parts are made in the USA.
  • All but eliminating wheel slippage and broken and bent axles
  • Heat treated for strength
  • Tabs on back prevent drop-outs from sandwiching together
  • Lifetime Warranty
IBMX Rating:A+
The Kink Dropout Protectors is a device that does a wonder for your bike. It prevents you dropout from bending together, keeps your wheel aligned and chain tight and prevents broken and bent axles. Another purpose for this contraption is when bought with the Kink pegs or other pegs with the same anti-spin pin pattern, stops your pegs from moving or loosening when grinding. On some trail bikes it will protect your dropout and make sure your dropout does not get scratched. On most street bikes it will act as a way to disperse the weight of the peg. The new Kink Dropout Protectors are machined flat on the one side with the chain tensioner to ensure it fits on all dropout models and so it does its purpose and work. They come in 3/8" and 14 mm slotted and drilled out for the axle and dropouts.
Review Done By Eric Johnson