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     The IBMX page has been around for many years now. I believe it first surfaced in late 1998 with a poor layout and alot of useless content. Since then it has become more of a hobby or a passion to learn new webpage languages and technology. Over the years, we have collected quite a bit of biking material and opinions on different aspects of the sport we love and die for! Some of the information has gotten outdated and therefore we have decided to revise these issues. As of right now, the site is coming along very slowly and contains many broken links and not a hell of alot of content. Hopefully with a use of a Digital Camera once in a blue moon, we can do reviews of bike related products that have been good or bad (coming from a rider perspective), along with park and scene reviews and much more.

     Most of the stuff found on this site, is coverage from the Niagara Region or better yet Ontario, Canada. On some occasions we have ventured down to skateparks in the upper United States (Ex. BBB, Shebang, World of Wheels, etc.). Most of riders on the page have been riding for several years and during those years have progressed in many areas of their riding. Although alot of shit that goes down, will never get captured, we try our best to show some of our talent no matter what level we are at. Bmx is a sport that is self gratifying and we have fun doing wherever the session may be. You can be sure we like fucking shit up! Although, this is just a fraction of the riders around these scenes, these are many of the riders I session with on a daily basis. There are alot of other great riders up here in Canada and although I don't have the time to give them props now, maybe one day they will get it!

     If you are interesting in contributing any content to the page, you can always e-mail me or simply icq me at #59565401 and send me what ever you have. Try to submit as much quality content as possible or I will simply try to get in contact with you for some more, or choose not to add it. If you have any questions or comment about the website, please feel free to get in contact!