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IBMX Updates

Latest Updates:

Here is just a quick page I rigged up with some photos we took a while ago. Click here.

Latest Updates:

Latest Updates:

Edited the Hoffman Skidmarks review since David Uyan submitted a review for it. Here is a site he is involved in, CBKREW.

Latest Updates:

No excuse this time, i'm just a plain slacker.

Latest Updates:

Ok, sorry for the lack of updates! The IBMX Army will take a while longer, but for now here is a review submitted by Dion.

Latest Updates:

Ok, I definitely lied about the update deal. Here are some reviews that were submitted from Otis from a long time ago.

Latest Updates:

Latest Updates:

Latest Updates:

Latest Updates:
Almost finished up the Web Directory, only a few more letters need to be completed.
Latest Updates:

I have been too busy to update this site lately. I added a park review and a banner of a site just starting up into the index page. I usually don't put banners up on the site, but there are exceptions. This doesn't mean I am asking for banners to be sent in because trust me, they won't be added. I only added this one because the guy is cool and is started up a distributing company in Canada. Also, I am so lazy to write articles and reviews, so please keep sending thoughs donations, contributions and ideas in and they will eventually be posted.

Latest Updates:

Latest Updates:

Latest Updates:

Latest Updates:

Latest Updates:

Latest Updates:

Latest Updates:

Latest Updates:

Latest Updates:

Latest Updates:
The IBMX Web Directory is no where close to done or wired, and even the layout is under construction, but you can check out what is underway here. Submit your site by filling out the form and it will be posted within a couple days.

Index page re-done.

Divided the site into two by adding a Frameless version of the site on the index page. The image was done by Dan Pursoo, owner of OntarioBMX. The HTML was done by yours truly. Also rebuilt the Updates page. Lots of new sections and layouts to come soon.

Added two new broken frame pictures, click here.

Added a review, Primo Casket, which was submitted by Cliff Martin.

Added a review, Dyno Slammer, which was submitted by Biz-mark.

Added a review for Fox Expendable 2. Hitting up alot of skateparks lately, maybe i can bust out a video camera and capture some good pics of us riding and the park for a review.

Added a Kink Chain Tensioner Review.

Added a Primo Venus Chain Tensioner Review. Many more reviews to come! They are in progress, just too busy and lazy to finish them.

Added a Miscellaneous BMX Links.

Added a video review for Props 'Road Fools 5' and I am looking for someone to write one for 'Road Fool 4'. A temporary one is there for now! I hope you, the visitor can send me a shit load of stuff to post. Like anything you want bmx related, that includes anything (ex. pics of naked women on bikes is approved)!

06.30.2000 Added a new section called Broken Products. The name speaks for itself, so send in some pictures!

I always thought Terrible One made good products, apparantly I was wrong with this product. You must read The Dark Angel's review of the T1 Sprocket to find out!

Sorry for the lack of updates, cable modem blew up! S&M Shield review is 100% complete, and the Volume Chainwheel is to follow soon! Here's another one, FBM Sprocket.

The newest arrival to the review page is the Volume Hellion. Hope to have many more, so send your reviews in today!

Added 7 new vids to the video page. Hope to post some more reviews soon, along with the Props Raods Fools 5 review. In the meantime though, buy it! I'm also on the look for a new server to host this site since I can't get them to remove thse annoying pop-ups. If you guys have any ideas of good servers, that aren't blanketed with advertisements please send me the address. I haven't been riding much because of a cracked wrist, so as soon as it is 100%, expect some DESTRUCTION!

Added a short and sweet review on the Hoffman Super Forks submitted by Corey Kuhling.

Added two pictures that a kid off the net sent me of the Dyke Trails. The pictures are of John Mooy and Matt V., and were scanned from Chase Magazine (a dope Canadian Mag).

05.27.2000 Added pictures and a new rider bio, Chris Rantell, from St.Catharines, Ontario.

Added a new rider bio, Ken Oliver, from St.Catharines, Ontario.

Haven't added much lately since it's time to DESTROY on street. Once the summer time comes and we drag the video camera around, we should have alot of updates. We also have a show to put on, on May 27th at Optimist Park. We should also have alot of visitors coming down from around Ontario to ride, so we will get alot of quality footage. Added a Solid Bikes fork review and updated the Gt Aluminum 3-piece review, since a generous e-mailer sent me a review for it! Hope to get some more comments on the site and reviews, so send me some shit.

Added four new videos to the Video section and two new pics to glen's bio.

Changed the Message Board to a new provider, so hurry up and add some questions or comments. Added two new BMX Links to the Misc. Links section, one out of two new links have had their site reviewed. Uploaded the videos to a new provider, the old provider deleted them. Some visitors have mentioned that the vids don't work, they should, that is if you have the updated Quicktime software. More pics and vids should be up soon, along with product reviews.

Changed the intro page around so it would load quicker. Added three new submitted bike part reviews from Mike Fontaine: Specialized MX Pedals, Specialized Sprockets, & Specialized Casino tires.

Added four more riding pics to Glen's profile and a how-to. More rider bio's going in soon.

Over the last couple of weeks I have changed the looks of the site so it is more appealing and consistent. I am also using less foul words, so it is more appropriate for all ages and public to view. Some videos, how-to's and pics were also added. I also made an ex-tended rider profile for new riders that are being added to the page!

Added a video section. It's hard to find, but it's on the main page. If you can't locate it, click Videos.

Added pics to Glen, Mike and Chris's profile.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have done minimal (basically none) changes to the page. I did a review on Standard Country and have added some pics to Chris's profile. If you are a frequent visitor, you will have notice the new flash movie to the page, it's pretty lame, but I'm getting more acquainted with Macromedia Flash. Make sure you have your sound ON! I also added a new guestbook because the old one was too slow, so make sure you sign it often. I'll probably be changing my messageboard server because it is to slow and putting it in a new location so it is visible better for people surfing the page!

Added one or two more pics to Glen, Chris and Matt's profile. Might do a new review on the Standard Country, UGP, or S&M 4 Video when I get the chance. To sum it up though, don't waste your money. Standard Country rocks a bit though.

Added the 1664 Groove Tube Review submitted by Otis off the web. Also, put in a response page for the park reviews, for all you BMXers sending me hate mail! Thanx for coming out.

Added some pics to Chris, Mike, and Kirk's profile and took out some of the ol'skool pics of Chris. I did the first trail report, covering the Big Kahunas in Welland. Not much info yet and the pics are outdated!

Today, we started the IBMX Active List (67199149). If you are unsure how to sign on, just right click the AL button at the top of ICQ (99b) and go to Find/Add Active List, type the number into the ID and go from there. The Active List is open 24/7 courtesy of Mike Pozzebon (DJ Pawz). Thanx Pawz. Also, I was surprised to find three reviews in my e-mail from a kid named, Jay. So, you will find a S&M Warpig, Terrible One handlebar, and Kink Chain Review in the section! That's all folks.

Changed the layout of the index page and added a new logo to the main page which comes up once in a blue moon. Made the World of Wheels park review finally. Boards, Bikes, and Blades is now officially open for the new season. We have started filming for the IBMX video that will be released in October. We are collecting video clips for every rider in the posse.

The bmx season has officially started here in the Falls and we should have more footage stolen off the video camera and posted on the site soon. I recently received a review in my email and posted it in the review section, Odyssey 99er Seat. I'm glad to see riders showing there opinions about bmx parts, so companies can see if they're making the products good or bad. Feel free to send me a review and I will post it as soon as I can!

Added a few pics in Mike, Kirk and Eric's profile and took down the top 50 vote.

Man I'm LAZY! I added a new review, Solid Iron Cross Bars.

Added Jeff's profile and I am now starting to experiment with Flash, so be prepared for some changes. Took some images of Kirk and Mike by capturing them off a video camera, they are not of the best quality, but good enough. Also, put in Glen's bio a sound wav of a crash he took!

Added two new title images and some news.

Added another new graphic to the page and updated the DK General Lee Review. Also, be prepared for some Little Devil Reviews.
Added some new graphics to the page ... some people feel they're good and some don't. Frankly, I don't give a flying fuck!

Added the Best 100 Site Vote.

Added a Park Report Section.

Added a review, 'Nowhere Fast Video' by Trash.
Over the next couple of days, the Maiden section with be constructed!

A mission to destroy took place at the World of Wheels Skatepark in Springville with Chris and Eric. Be prepared for some new flicks under the arsenal!

  • Started the Phill McFadden interview.
  • Made the biography for the oldest and most experienced Wu-Member, Gza.

    The new and improved IBMX site has finally arrived, after many other attempts fell short and failed. Added a review, 'Primo Moes & Mustache' Bars.